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But the first thing you'll see is a table chart with your birth planets and their signs, offering a fast way to size up all the information rather than digging up the information on the wheel. Like the other sites listed here, Astrolabe doesn't make you jump through hoops to get your birth chart.

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You can even save the chart to your computer's hard drive. The basic birth chart is followed by interpretations of each of your natal planets, beginning with the Sun sign. Astrology Answers is a very easy to use website in which you simply answer a series of questions regarding the time and place of your date, along with some personal information. The website then sends you a detailed profile of your birth chart information within 24 hours. In such cases it may be necessary to select a manual time zone in the pull-down list.

To return to automatic time zone, please select the top item in the list. Your name: Robot Spiderwoman Visiting Astro. Com Logout Shopping Cart 2. Current Planets. Birth Data Entry. Birth Date Entry Please, enter day, month, and year of birth. Special Date Entry: Years before A. If the year 79 A.

How to Interpret an Astrological Chart

For the year 5 A. The program usually assumes Gregorian calendar dates. If a Julian calendar date is required, please, enter "jul" after the year number, e. For most historical data before the year you will want to enter "jul". We have decided not to take care of the calendar switch by an automatic feature. Many history books have converted historical dates to the Gregorian system, while other sources have kept the dates in the original Julian system. There is no way for our computer to know what your source of the birth data did in regard to this calendar conversion.

Years B. Attention, the astronomical year counting is to be used. The historical year 3 B. The difference arises from the fact that the historical counting style has no year zero, while the astronomical style allows for the year zero. If you wish a chart of the moment, please, leave the first name field empty and type "now" into the last name field.

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After selecting a unique place and pressing the "continue" button, the date and time of the moment will be filled into the form. Check Now.

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