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After eight years, Uranus in Aries is finishing its long-standing square to Pluto in Capricorn. Get every last bite! Our monthly newsletter will keep you up to date in the world of psychedelic culture, art and science. Skip to content Skip to footer Astrology. Pluto invites us to be quickened in the heart, awakened in the limbs, alerted to the tips of our hairs, and reddened in the blood.

Pluto reminds us that there is absolutely no escaping the burning bush of existence itself: terrible, ferocious, beautiful, mysterious, endless, and unavoidably real as it is. Pluto's appearance, Pluto's real gift, is to say, "take this horrible beauty in for a minute. Pluto is our friend because this world is fallen, falling apart constantly, but we are not.

Pluto is our friend because this world is a dance between order and chaos, but we are not. We, as souls, are the medium in and through which these cycles and circles of dueling opposites are rotating, just as surely as planets.

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I will never forget how I learned to approach them. I had to take care not to direct my consciousness AT them, nor to make sudden, fast, unconscious or hasty movements with my body. And if I did, if I alarmed them and their ears shot up, then I would have to become settled wherever I was, for a while, before they would continue eating peacefully. They could tell whether I was going to move again or not, they could read my intentions, and so I had to learn how to not desire to move for periods of time before moving again, naturally.

Then, little by little, naturally, I might find a real seat to watch them by, to really see them, to really feel them, and to feel the spirit of the moment, which was breathtakingly intimate.

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It hides. It is increasingly sensitive when approached. It notices everything. It is awake and alert. And yes, if you don't know the soul, any soul what to speak of our own, then it will easily run. The soul rests and unfolds peacefully wherever there is a long stream of uninterrupted presence. Its delicate, fragile, even fearful and trembling features become beautiful, intricate, and heavenly in the light of calm, streaming, uninterrupted peace.

The soul in this way is like a deer. It knows better than we do what our intentions are and will gladly hide for fear of the noisy hunter. We have to approach the soul scared to scare it away. We approach the soul afraid that we may not be worthy of being its audience.

I write.

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Or I film. Then I share on multiple social media platforms. Then, questions come pouring in every day from viewers and readers.

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I respond to everyone as soon as I can. I do this year round, and then for the last forty days of the year, I go into an even more focused period of prayer each day, asking for the guidance to be a better astrologer in the year-ahead. During this time, I ask for all of you who benefit from my work, in any way, to pitch in and support me.

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I don't share this to brag about anything. I share it because I want those who support me with their hard earned money to know that I'm serious about what I do, and that I'm coming from a place of devotion and service. I want you to know that I work hard and pour my heart into what I do. Whatever your own beliefs or practices might be, I can promise you that if you support my work, I will continue to keep these daily practices, and I will continue to be a trusted and friendly source of astrological insight for your year ahead.

I will continue to share this knowledge and inspiration from my heart, so that others may find some glimmers of hope, faith, and goodness, coming straight from the stars!

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The risk is that I do not earn enough to support something that I intend to continue doing, regardless of whether I am paid or not. This has been the same risk every year since I started doing it. I have to trust that my readers find this service valuable enough to continue supporting each year!

Sessions are held via online meeting or by telephone. Students may attend online or remotely. Students may participate live or remotely. Adam will video record your report for the month ahead and send it to you by email each month!

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